Courtesy of InvadeNOLA :

“St. Joe Lofts: Where Artists Live & Work”

Nestled within the historic Warehouse District in the heart of New Orleans lies somewhat of an anomaly – a building that is at the same time a residence and an art gallery. St Joe Lofts is a place that can only be described as one thing: an artist community.

St Joe Lofts is a housing complex that invites any local with an art form – writing, acting, dancing, singing, and so on – to live within its walls. St Joe was built with it’s creative residents in mind. It is mere blocks from many local art venues and museums including the CAC, the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, and Julia St. The walls that separate each unit are heavily insulated so that the writer penning a novel is not disturbed by the trombone player practicing next door. It’s halls and lobby double as a lighted space to show off visual artists’ paintings and photographs during an exhibit. The historic building, complete with exposed brick walls and high ceilings in each unit, offer a very inspiring environment to live and work in. It is easy to be creative while living at St Joe Lofts because each resident is surrounded by the local art scene as well as fellow artists [. …]

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