Attention! :
So as to ensure that your Application for Artist Housing is successfully submitted , please carefully review the application in its entirety. We strongly advise you first type out your answers to questions in a text editor of your preference (e.g., Word, SublimeText, &c.) and then copy and paste prior to submission. Such will help protect you from time & answers lost to crashing browsers, unstable internet connections, sever or database errors, &c. ad nauseum. Thank you! We look forward to reviewing your submission!

  • I. Pre-Application Card.

  • Relationship for Applicant should be "Head of Household." To add additional persons to occupy unity, please use the "plus" icon (i.e., add a row).
    Add a row
  • Optional and for Federally Subsidized Programs ONLY.

  • II. Artist/Artisan Application.

  • Please have each artist/artisan member of your household answer the following questions, using a separate application for each applicant. Such information will help us better understand your needs and expectations with regard to living in an artist/artisan community.

  • III. Resume & Portfolio (Uploads).

  • 1. Artist Statement & Cv. Instructions

    Please attach an artist statement, if not also a curriculum vitae (i.e., c.v. or resume), succinctly describing your art form, how long you have been creating, your source(s) of inspiration, and your goal(s).

    To ensure compatibility, kindly upload your document as a text file or PDF. For information on how to convert a Microsoft Word file to PDF, please reference any of the following links:

  • Accepted file types: pdf, txt.
  • 3. Portfolio/File upload instructions

    Please provide a means for us to evaluate the nature of your work, whether via images, website(s), audio or video recording(s), &c. Kindly use the multi-file upload field to supply five (5) samples of your work.

    Supported file formats include .PDF, .JPEG, .PNG, .MP3, & .TXT.

    The field thereafter is optional. Here, you may upload a .TXT or .PDF document aggregating data regarding your work, of which an example would include :

    • Title
    • Medium/Medium(s)
    • Dimensions
    • Date/Year

    For those wishing to submit video(s) :

    Please upload your media to either YouTube or Vimeo. Thereafter, please use the URL field(s) in the section below to provide link(s) to your pertinent portfolio item. Additionally, for every media link your provide, please upload a text (.TXT) file using the upload fields below. In each of these text files respectively, please identify:

    • Title
    • Role (e.g., actor, director, editor, musical composer)
    • Duration (if this is a clip and not the entire piece, then also include the duration of the entire piece).
    • Date of Release
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: pdf, jpg, jpeg, png, mp3, txt.
  • Accepted file types: pdf, txt.